Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another track run

Running is going well. I'm up to a cycle of 4 to 5 days running followed by 1 day off (on which I usually walk around the neighborhood with Stacey and Ozzy for an hour or so). My long run is 1:45 to 1:50 most weeks, though sometimes I'll do 2 hours as 1 hour in the AM and 1 hour in the PM. Total mileage per week is likely in the 65-70 mile range, although there's some uncertainty because I do a lot of "by feel" runs where I don't know my exact mileage. Today was an off day and I rode my bike for the first time in almost 2 months. Keeping up with Stacey required working, and my legs feel it!

I've got some cool pictures of recent trail runs, including great shots of St. Mary's Glacier during an aborted attempt at running up James Peak. But, my desktop memory card slot isn't working and I don't feel like pulling out the laptop.  As a result, this will be a boring text only post. I am hitting the mountain trails as much as possible, usually once a weekend. My favorite route at the moment is Rawhide Trail at White Ranch.

Yesterday's run was another track workout of mile repeats. My mile repeat strategy is to run the first mile fast but not hard, and then to hold that pace the next 4 miles with 400m easy between miles. This week I ran the first mile in 5:47 with a max HR of 163 bpm, and then I cut 1 second off each mile until I ran 5:42 for the final mile. By mile 5 my HR is into the low 170s, and my PE has increased from 6 during the first mile to 8-9 for the final mile. Still, ~5:45/mile pace at altitude is pretty fast for me, so I'm happy with my progress.

Pretty boring post, but it's been a while.

Here's one of my favorite recent songs:

I like the Bon Iver style auto tune.