Sunday, December 2, 2012

2013 Races

2013 will be another year without any triathlons. Instead, I've again signed up for the Silver King, which includes the Silver Rush 50 bike on a Saturday and a run over the very same course the next day. Additionally, I'm looking to sign up for several endurance mountain bike races. I'll have to do some research to find races that suit my strengths and the type of riding I enjoy doing. I also hope to jump into a hill climb road bike race or two, and maybe even a grand fando. If time permits, I might even pick up some running snowshoes and try my hand at the CO state championships.

The race I am most interested in at the moment, however, is SkyRunner race in Vail. It's a 100km (or 62 miles, for us Americans) run starting in Breckenridge. The course goes through Frisco, Copper Mountain, over Vail Pass, into Minturn, and finally into Vail. There's nearly 10,000 feet of climbing and a max elevation of 12,500 feet. Even though the distance is greater, I think this race would be no harder than the Silver Rush run because I should have fresh legs. Also, while the Leadville course is beautiful, I know it very well by now. Some new trails would add to my enjoyment.

Oh, and if I can get into the Leadville 100 mountain bike, I'll do that too. The problem is the lottery odds don't look that great and I don't know if I'll be fit enough to qualify.

Finally, here is a Strava summary of my mountain biking skills:
(1) Climbing (and not even hammering):

(2) Descending:

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